Why Choose Us?

We value our clients’ patients and their family members. All client facilities work with the individual, providing medical care, rehabilitation therapies, and specialty care in a healthy, comfortable, and supportive environment. By conscientiously applying a philosophy of Competence, Care & Compassion, many patients progress to a lower level of acuity, and a higher level of independence and quality of life.


We also value our clients’ employees, and our clients strive to retain the best. Staff credentials and training are matched to patient needs and acuity levels at each facility. For instance, a nurse who receives specialized training for ventilator care will be assigned to a facility that offers that specialty. The stability of staff means that patients and staff get to know each other. This means improved efficiency and patient comfort.

Ongoing staff training programs at the facilities include: training on the use of new equipment, respiratory therapy training, and specialized training by registered pharmacists and speech, occupational, and physical therapists.